Metrik 14 Ton dock leveler is a hydraulic dock leveler built to Indonesia standards. It holds many great benefits over conventional dock levelers on the market, making it a superior and reliable piece of equipment for all loading docks.



  • Available in 14 ton capacity ratings as standard
  • Heavy-duty version up to 14 ton capacity available for the most demanding loading conditions
  • Heavy-duty I-beam under-deck support ensures high structural strength against rolling loads
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic system with high-quality power pack and cylinders from reputable manufacturers
  • Maintained tilt design compensates for uneven loading conditions
  • Standard working rangeĀ  customisable if necessary to suit higher trucks or low loading docks
  • Fail-safe safety design
  • Standard working range toe guards supplied
  • Comes with one set of moulded rubber dock bumpers as standard